Amax Telecom - Technical Services Group has performed line and antenna PIM Testing, diagnostics, and resolution on over 2,000 sites.

  • VL is an industry leader in portable PIM test knowledge, training, and experience.
  • Amax Telecom Technicians are Experienced, PIM Certified, can knowledgably interact with Cell Tech's and Installation contractors to quickly resolve PIM issues and leave sites passing & complete.
  • Amax Telecom Technicians are PPC Advanced Certified for all Wireless Connector Products.
  • Dedicated Project Management available at all times for technical or issue resolution
  • Assigned Project Admin to achieve closeout requirements
  • VL Tower Techs available if needed
  • Scalable Services to meet project all requirements and standards
  • PPC Technical Alliance Partner
  • Anritsu Technical Partner

You can count on our professional installation teams, based across the US, to help you achieve your network and backhaul deployment, upgrade and maintenance objectives, no matter how ambitious.

  • Head-End, Central Office/Exchange Consolidation, Modifications and Expansions
  • IP equipment and systems
  • Switching equipment
  • Transmission equipment
  • Routers
  • Digital Access Cross-Connect System (DACS) and Multiplex
  • Broadband access equipment (DSL, DSLAM)
  • Optical transmission equipment and systems
  • LANs/WANs
  • Equipment testing & commissioning
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Framing, cable racking and auxiliary support structure installation
  • Fiber and copper (coaxial and twisted-pair) cabling and splicing

Let our experienced iTechs make sure your radio systems are clean and green.

We have vast experience with all the major manufactures, including:

Cellular Base Stations:
  • Nokia GSM; UMTS; Flexi
  • Nortel: GSM, EVDO, CDMA
  • Ericsson: GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Lucent: CDMA, UMTS
  • Motorola: CDMA, IDEN
  • IDEN
Ancillary Equipment:
    • Andrew
    • Powerwave
    • Hitachi
    • CCI
    • Andrew
    • CCI
  • ALU
  • Avait
  • Lynx
  • Marconi
  • Dragonwave
  • Ceragon